Here are some of my goals if elected Chairman of the Dawson County Board of Commissioners:


1. It’s time to develop a Future Land Use Plan that truly reflects the citizens’ vision for our county and consistently implement that plan. Our Future Land Use Plan is the best tool we have to manage growth. 


2. Make improving our roads a top priority. Repave crumbling roads, repair potholes, replace stormwater culverts and bridges as needed.


3. Work with Emergency Services and Law Enforcement to ensure adequate coverage for the safety of citizens throughout our county.


4. Develop a balanced budget, eliminate wasteful spending and prepare for an economic downturn. Money should not be taken from reserves to fund recurring expenses. 


5. Create a Code of Ethics and an Ethics Board made up of citizens. Ethics complaints related to Commissioners or other county employees or appointees will be evaluated by the Ethics Board.


6. Improve communication between the citizens and the Board of Commissioners by holding monthly town hall style meetings on Saturdays to update citizens, answer questions and listen to concerns.

Thank you!!